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Furniture Queanbeyan - Dunstone Design

Furniture Queanbeyan - Dunstone Design, located in Queanbeyan, has been providing New South Whales with
 contemporary Studio Furniture since 2003.

Offering a close friend a beautiful and considered chair to sit on is a quiet pleasure. The hidden detail, never
meant for the eye, discovered by a finger's wandering brings a smile. The knowledge that the maker was
working for his own spirit as much as for you is apparent in the work.

Dunstone Design crafts contemporary Studio Furniture from the finest Australian timbers and materials. Our
makers and designers are professionals who have chosen the long path of craftsmanship; the hand of the maker is
evident in all our work .

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Furniture Queanbeyan - Dunstone Design


2/5 Aurora Place Queanbeyan NSW 2620


02 6297 8200


02 6297 8200

Furniture Queanbeyan - Dunstone Design



Gallery Chairs
Gallery Hall
Coffee Tables
Lewis Drink Cabinets
Bird's Beak Cot
Tanya's Cradle


Commissioned fine furniture is what Dunstone Design does best. The challenge of designing to the specific brief of a client has inspired Evan and the team to some of their best work. A large portion of Dunstone Design's work, both domestic and commercial, is to commission.

Australians do not have a tradition of commissioning fine furniture. Those clients with the courage and faith to commission complex work are rewarded with original pieces that invariably out shine standard products.




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Tuesday - Friday
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Furniture Queanbeyan - Dunstone Design

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